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"Our Story," is more-accurately my story. I'm some guy, living in a low-rent apartment in Northern Illinois. A few months ago, I thought of a thing and that thing led me to buying a domain name. I wanted to sell some T-shirts on the site, no big deal.  

Well, then I thought of another thing and quickly one more. Soon, I was up to my elbows in domain names and ideas for clothes I want to see in the world. I decided to register one LAST domain - RivallessGarb.com - to be a unified retail front for all of the things.  

A lot of the shirts are going to be eye-rollers and I get that. Many of them are going to cater to a very specific, narrow portion of the sense of humor spectrum. Some will, no doubt, be empty and pointless. But, they will all look incredible!  

The whole thing with me is I like subtlety a lot, and I like things that are distinctive most. So welcome to Rivalless Garb Company, where you will find the most subtly distinctive clothing, some hopefully funny shirts, and what I hope will be a website worth - at the least - a little quality toilet time!  

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